FIA has arrested 50 Chinese for fake marriages with Pakistani girls since 2015

Interior Minister Ijaz Ahmed Shah told the House in a written reply to a question by Mian Ateeq.

On Friday, the Senate was informed that 50 Chinese nationals, involved in fake marriages with Pakistani girls, have been arrested by FIA since 2015. Three Pakistani girls had returned home, while five cases were registered at different circles of FIA.

Interior Minister Ijaz Ahmed Shah told the House in a written reply to a question by Mian Ateeq.

629 Pakistani girls scammed:

]629 girls and women from across Pakistan have fallen victim to the Chinese marriage scam. The numbers were revealed by The Associated Press and were compiled by Pakistani investigators to break up the network of human trafficking operating very acutely in Pakistan.

Pakistani authorities recently arrested 8 men involved in human trafficking and forced prostitution. According to the initial investigations, Pakistan’s Chinese brides are lured and married, and later sold. The horrific claims of human trafficking lead to authorities probing an investigation into the matter, leading to them apprehending a Lahore-based gang involved in the heinous crime and exposing the racket a few months back.

Illegal marriage bureaus usually arrange marriages between the couples, producing fake documents of Chinese men and promising the girls a ‘bright’ future. However, once married, the helpless girls are caught up in a network that doesn’t have an exit door.

Pakistan’s Chinese brides are then stuck in a culture they barely know, the language they hardly understand, completely bank about how to go back home. Making it one of the worst human rights crisis of current times, the fate of these poor women is unknown. No one knows the exact number of women who have fallen victim to the network, however, a recent report has provided some information about it.

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