FIA Arrests Its Own Deputy Director For Holding Fake Degree

The Federal Investigation Authority (FIA) has arrested its own Deputy Director for holding a fake degree. As reported by Pro Pakistani, the case was registered against Nauman Ashraf Bodla, Deputy Director Cyber Crime Wing Balochistan, prior to his arrest.

He joined FIA in 2006 as Manager Technology. As per eligibility criteria, the applicants should have a Masters Degree in Computer Science as a mandatory requirement for the PS-16 post.
However, without passing the Public Service Commission examination, Nauman was promoted to PS-18 in Counter Terrorism Wing. After working at the position, he then presented a certificate of NICE (Newports Institute of Communications and Technology), an institute that isn’t recognized by HEC.

As the university wasn’t recognized by any foreign chartered universities as well, the degree hence was declared invalid as it clearly doesn’t meet the eligibility criteria.
After taking all the relevant facts in consideration, FIA has therefore recognized him guilty of damaging the repute of the respectable organization, using unfair means to progress in his career, and using ‘illigetimate’ means to acquire higher ranks.
Therefore case was registered against Bodla and he was later arrested. The event can definitely be seen as a positive step forward in ensuring accountability in such crucial government service departments.

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