FIA arrests four men for blackmailing girls on WhatsApp


  • Four men have been arrested by the Federal Investigation Agency’s (FIA) for blackmailing girls over WhatsApp. 
  • The families of the victims lodged a complaint with FIA. 
  • Previously a study showed that most Pakistani women are prone to harassment on Whatsapp and Facebook.

Four men have been apprehended and arrested by Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) for blackmailing girls over Whatsapp. The action was taken after parents of the victims reported to the authority. 

After the complaint, an inquiry was initiated which indicated that women were being harassed in different parts of Lahore. According to a spokesperson from the law enforcement agency, the culprit used to blackmail the girls using different photos and videos. 

The incident occurred days after FIA apprehended a man for blackmailing a 12 years old girl. The culprit has compromising footage of the minor and was continuously harassing her. 

The investigations revealed that the culprit, Nabraz, used to get the girl’s numbers from his friend who worked at a mobile top-up shop. He would then contact them, befriend them and make objectionable photos and videos of them, blackmailing them later.  

Pakistani women most prone to blackmailing on WhatsApp and Facebook:

The recent report from DRF (Digital Rights Foundation) says that the digital platform where women were most likely to be harassed was Facebook. The organization that works for the digital rights indicated that 29% of the complaints registered with them were related to the said networking site.

But the organization further added that the recent complaints they received also indicated that women were harassed on WhatsApp as well in the form of scams and inappropriate messages. Over the span of the last 6 months, the helpline saw an increase in these complaints from 2.6 percent to 9.5 percent.

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