FIA starts money laundering investigation against Hareem Shah following viral video [Watch]

Watch the viral video, which got Hareem Shah in trouble

TikTok star Hareem Shah is once again in the spotlight as she openly commits taking thousands of euros illegally out of Pakistan. In a couple of videos posted on Instagram, the controversial figure shows off bundles of foreign currency.

In the videos, Hareem Shah explains how she was able to take such a huge amount of money with her. According to the TikTok star, she didn’t know about the minimum amount of money allowed to take abroad.

The Tiktoker advised her followers to be careful while carrying such a huge amount. Hareem Shah added that she didn’t face any difficulty as she was carrying a work visa and proof of why she was travelling with the money.


FIA starts investigation

According to reports, Federal Investigation Agency has initiated money laundering investigation against the Hareem Shah. FIA Karachi Director Amir Farooqui confirmed that the TikToker boarded a Qatar Airways flight to the UK from Karachi’s Jinnah International Airport on Monday on January 10.

Deputy director immigration Rabia Qureshi  will be heading the enquiry against Hareem Shah. The investigation will also determine the role of Customs officials.

Hareem Shah deleted video and issued a clarification:

Following backlash and FIA initiating a probe, Hareem Shah deleted her video and issue a clarification about the money she was showing off in her video.

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  • She is a slap on the face of SO CALLED authorities.

    One of the symbol of Qiamat , that bitches like her kind will be followed by the masses

  • Most probably she didn’t travel with such a huge money. Someone gave her money when she reached the destination.
    Later she will show a new video where she would say , I was just joking .

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