Finland Is Challenging The Entire World By Introducing Free Online AI Course For Everyone

The University of Helsinki and Reaktor has challenged the entire world to understand the basics of AI (Artificial Intelligence) through their absolutely free online course. Finnish technology firm started this course with the intention to educate Finns about AI to comply with modern education dynamics, but the course is open to everyone, anywhere around the world.

With this innovation initiative, Helsinki and Reaktor also challenged banks, telecoms, and healthcare organizations to train their staff in AI. This free online course is for anyone willing to learn about AI but is facing any sort of limitations. Since May 2018, 90,000 students have signed up for the course. While the course has been quite popular with Finns, people with about 80 countries have also registered for it.

It opens you to all avenues of modern AI knowledge completely free of cost and needs no prerequisites. The course comprises of six sections and sheds light on various aspects of AI, including definitions, neural networks, machine learning and societal implications. The course is completed within 30 to 60 hours in total.

“We initially set out to help Finland stay at the forefront of AI development. Training 1 per cent of the population was a longer-term goal but it’s looking like the course will have a much bigger impact.  We’re already seeing global demand and are considering to adapt the course to meet the AI goals of other countries, starting with the US, the Netherlands and the UAE” – said Director of AI Business at Reaktor, Hanna Hagström. 

The director added that they want to aware the world that AI is nothing that is too complicated to understand but instead is already our part of life. It is only an alternate method for problem-solving.

“Artificial Intelligence is already part of our everyday life, and it is going to have an even bigger impact on every industry and individual in the future. This is why everyone should be given a chance to understand what AI really is and how we can use it. The democratisation of information is important so that everyone has equal opportunity to shape the future” – Hagström added.


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