Lahore woman registers FIR against ex-husband for ‘faking conversion to Islam’ and plotting murder

According to reports, in the audio, the suspect mentioned that he has already paid half the amount to a henchman and would pay the rest after the woman was murdered. 

Recently, a woman in Lahore registered an FIR with the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), alleging that her ex-husband hid his faith during their 10-year marriage. The complainant accused her ex-husband of “hiding his first marriage, faking his conversion to Islam, and plotting her murder”.

Following the registration of the FIR, the FIA started an investigation into the matter. The inquiry led the officials to recover some audio call records of the woman’s ex-husband, where he had ordered someone to murder her, her father, and her brother. 

According to reports, in the audio, the suspect mentioned that he has already paid half the amount to a hitman and would pay the rest after the woman was murdered. 

Soon after the collection and examination of the evidence, the suspect was arrested by the police. Upon arrest, he applied for bail, which was dismissed by a session court. Currently, the suspect is being held in jail.

Outline of the 10-year-Marriage

Reports state that the victim’s father had business relations with the family of her ex-husband. To strengthen ties further between the two households, the suspect’s family asked for the woman’s hand in marriage in 2011.

The victim’s family agreed to the proposal, and the two were married. The couple had two daughters together. After they had their second daughter, the woman (for the first time) asked her husband to provide her with their Nikahnama as it was required for the school admission of their first daughter. According to reports, the woman’s ex-husband seemed reluctant to give her the Nikahnama.

The victim also alleged that one day, her ex-husband came home with a woman and two kids and informed her that she was his first wife.

After learning this fact the victim left the man to live with her parents. After a while, she also learned that her in-laws were not Muslim.

The ex-husband visited the woman at her parents’ house with his first wife after a few days and told her they had all embraced Islam. After much convincing, the woman agreed to go back home with her ex-husband.

That is when the severe trouble began

The victim alleged that her ex-husband asked her to sign a form to prove that she willingly renounced her faith. When the woman refused to do so, the man physically assaulted her in a car and left her unconscious.

After regaining consciousness, the victim went to a police station to file a complaint, but the police officials allegedly declined to register an FIR against the suspect. According to reports, the victim then approached the Lahore CCPO during an open katchery, and an order was issued to register her FIR. However, the woman alleged that the FIR was quashed at the behest of her ex-husband’s family.

According to reports, the man then leaked objectionable pictures and videos of the victim online to humiliate her. The woman couldn’t stand the suffering anymore, so she reached out to the FIA Cybercrime Cell and lodged an FIR. A thorough investigation was conducted, which ended up with the victim’s ex-husband in a cell.

This is a developing story. Any further developments in the case, will be updated in this article accordingly.

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