FIR registered against LUMS students over a viral dance video for spreading ‘vulgarity’

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FIR has been lodged against students of Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) for a viral dance video.

A clip of students enjoying and dancing at a resort in Malam Jabba went viral across social media platforms yesterday. The video led to them being accused of spreading obscenity, resulting in an FIR.

The police said that girls and boys dancing together is ‘un-Islamic’, hence the students are guilty of propagating vulgarity in the country.

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  • یار اگر پولیس نے پرچہ کاٹ کا چول مار دی ہے۔ تو تم نے اسے ہمیں بتا کر اس سے بڑی چول مارنے کی کوشش کی ہے۔

  • یہ مادر پدر آذاد اشرافیہ پاکستان کو بھی یورپ دیکھنا چاہتی ہے جسکی بےراہ زندگی سے یہ متاثر ہیں

  • Iss dance mai kya vulgarity hai ? Almost 99 % wo sab pakistani jo foreign country travel kertay hai bars disco aur night clubs mai ghussay hotay hain . Sometimes students fun chil ya get together ker lain tuo isko itna serious nahi laina chahiay . Ager in students kay parents ko koi Aitraaz nahi tuo hum kaun hotay hain kuch kehnay walay ? Hur aik ko apnay ghur ki fiker kerni chahiay. Jo chil masti kerna chahta hay karray aur jo seedhay rastay pur chal ker zindagi guzarnay chahta hay wo waisa he karay . Geo aur geenay dou bhai.

    • We dont mind if they do it in a closed place. But it cannot be allowed publicly as it is against our culture.

      With your logic they can do whatever they want on the road. I am sorry it will destroy our remaining values

      • What culture?…Dancing in movies, dramas, stage shows, melas,
        marriage halls?…Is that OK but not a few kids dancing in Malam Jabba?

      • Credit goes to our Tv Dramaz , Morning shows , Movies songs etc
        Is trha to un pr aya din Fir honi chaya, sari vulgarity to wahi sa nikl rhi ha bhai

  • Na sharab thi, na nangay jism thy, na koi touching ho rahi thi, yeah kaisi vulgarity hai, saab apni masti mai dance kar rahy thy. FIR mai likha hai fahashi phaila rahy thy, fahashi ki kaya definition hai qanoon mai? koi bataye ga koi.

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