Fire erupts at Iran’s Natanz nuclear complex

The facility is situated in the Isfahan Province, south of Iran's capital Tehran.

(Iran Atomic Energy Organization, via Agence France-Presse)

A building inside the Iranian Natanz nuclear complex was disfigured after a fire broke out on Thursday morning with no casualties reported, news agency Tasnim said.

The Iran Atomic Energy Organization (IAEO) shared a picture of the damaged building, which appeared to show a roof charred by fire, blown-out windows, and broken doors.

The facility is situated in the Isfahan Province, south of Iran’s capital Tehran.

Ramazanali Ferdowsi, the governor of Natanz, said at most, the fire damaged a building under construction within the complex, and did not affect the central area of the nuclear facility, Tasnim reported.

The incident is, nevertheless under investigation, according to Iran state media, Press TV, which cited an Iranian security official as saying that there was ‘no evidence’ of sabotage.

According to IRNA the spokesman for IAEO, Behrouz Kamalvandi, said the incident has not disrupted the activities in progress at the site.

“Expert teams from the IAEO have been placed to investigate the factors leading to the damage of the prefabricated steel framework,” Kamalvandi said.
He told Press TV that the disturbance has not caused any “obstruction” of enrichment work at the facility, which is “mainly done underground.”
He also denied the possibility that the incident could have led to possible radioactive contamination, “Contrary to the false propaganda by counterrevolutionary media and the enemy, no contamination has occurred as there was no nuclear material in this outbuilding,” he claimed.
The worldwide nuclear watchdog, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), said it was “aware of the reported incident” in Natanz in a tweet on Thursday. He added that it “is in contact with the relevant safeguards authorities in Tehran to confirm that the agency can continue all its safeguards verification activities at Natanz.”
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  • Many years ago they blames Pakistan for giving them damages centrifugal devices which enrich uranium. Im sure this is Pakistan fault to!

    Pakistan mistake in trying to help them in past and their nuclear program still not mature yet after so many decades!!

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