First-ever cancer hospital to be built in Balochistan

Imran Khan-led govt to build cancer hospital in Balochistan.

Healthcare a luxury for people in Balochistan


Finally, the provincial government has decided to give Balochistan its first-ever cancer hospital. As announced by provincial government’s spokesperson Mir Liaquat Shahwani announced, the hospital will be built as a part of the Sheikh Zayed Hospital.

Additionally, Shahwani also revealed Balochistan Awami Party (BAP)-led government has made the decision to fulfill people’s need and demand for quality healthcare.

He added that the cancer hospital will be subsequently added to the upcoming budget as well.

“CM Jam Kamal Khan-led provincial government has been working on the preparation of the next financial budget while also initiating mega development projects for Balochistan for the coming years”.

He added that following the needs, the funds will be allocated among 28 provincial departments. He said that instead of completing projects, the past governments were focused on inaugurating new projects. The ribbon cutting culture has lead to wastage of resources.

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Development projects in Balochistan:

Shahwani disclosed that Rs 32 billion out of the total Rs 39 billion had been released for the more than 300 development projects across the province.

“The Opposition has not only been raising a hue and cry both inside and outside the assembly regarding the PSDP but is also busy spreading false rumors regarding funding for development projects” – Shehwani said, adding that the incumbent government is releasing funds to complete projects initiated by previous governments.

Secondly, he added that concrete steps are being taken by the new government to tackle unemployment in the province. Shahwani said that 18,000 vacant posts across the province have already been announced while other vacancies are to be filled on the priority basis as well as purely on merit.

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