VIDEO: See the world’s first-ever ‘Gold-Plated’ Hotel

A gold-plated infinity pool overlooks a beautiful view of the city.

An architectural marvel on its own, the ‘Dolce Hanoi Golden Lake’ is Vietnam’s very own ‘gold-plated hotel’.

According to its Vietnamese owners, they have the ‘Midas touch’, despite the global traveling going down due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

This hotel cost $200 million to construct, and it has a 24-carat plating across lobbies, rooms, cups, showerheads, toilet seats, an infinity pool, and even cutlery. To stay a night in the hotel, all you need are $250 in your pocket.

The five-star luxury hotel wants to serve not only the rich but also the ordinary. A gold-plated infinity pool overlooks a beautiful view of the city.

The meals at this 25-story hotel in downtown Hanoi may be mixed with ‘mysterious gold substances’. The customers at the hotel seem to enjoy this rich, special experience. Some say they felt like a ‘king’ while walking through the gold-plated hallways of this hotel, while some say that their status had already been ‘raised’ after just a night’s stay.

As compared to the standard of the hotel, the price tag was comparatively modest. This was achieved by sourcing the gold-plating locally.

”Our group owns a factory that can do gold-plated stuff. So, the cost for our equipment and furniture here is cheap”, said the chairman of Hoa Binh Group (owners of the hotel) Ngyuen Huu Duong.

Although the pandemic has cramped tourism momentarily, the owners are positive they will make hands full of money next year.

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  • such a poor country vietnam is but look what they are doing.

    this is how big of a division is in third world countries between poor n rich.

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