First Lady Visits Fountain House, Interacts With Mentally-challenged Women

Just like the Prime Minister himself, the role of the first lady is one of the most imperative as well. Her role influences the masses, especially the women in the society, whom she advocates and represents.

Especially to give marginalized and sense of inclusiveness to the most segregated segment of the society, the representatives have to make an attempt to reach out to them in the personal capacity and hear their grievances.

An attempt, similar in nature, was made by Pakistan’s First Lady Bushra Bibi. She paid a visit to Fountain House, a rehabilitation center in Lahore, and interacted with the mentally challenged women and children living there.

Fountain House is a rehabilitation center, that provides a home to people who have been socially marginalized. Majority of these people are suffering from schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and major depression. As an aftermath of deteriorating mental health, they end up losing their jobs, paralyzing their life completely. They alienate themselves from their loved ones, ending up alone. Since its inception, Fountain House has been successfully providing an alternate home for these people and has housed over 8000 patients.

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Bushra Bibi was accompanied by her close friend Farah Khan. She visited wards of Fountain House and was briefed on the medical facilities being provided to the students. The women thanked her and took photos with her.

“I love meeting the destitute and those who have nothing, it truly brings me happiness,” she said.

She also promised to help the administration improve the facilities they are providing for the marginalized section of the society. Earlier, Bushra also paid a visit to  Darul Shafqat orphanage in Lahore and shared a meal with them.
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