Happy, satisfied, with a wide smile on her face: First picture of Aasia Bibi after leaving Pakistan goes viral

With a wide smile on her face, we are glad that she is safe and happy.


Aasia Bibi’s first picture after leaving Pakistan goes viral. In the photo, she can be seen with a wide smile on her face, hugging the journalist Anne-Isabelle Tollet.

The country owes Aasia Bibi an apology for taking away a decade of her life, keeping her entangled in a fabricated blasphemy case motivated by personal rivalry. She was acquitted by Pakistan’s Supreme Court (SC) on 31st October 2019.

After her acquittal, she broke her silence while speaking to an international reporting source, The Sunday Telegraph, back in August 2019. Aasia Bibi thanked the top court for her fair trial and also showed her gratitude for the international activists for raising voice for her.

Speaking to the said source, Aasia tells that she felt herself drowning in the pit of hopelessness and desperation multiple times when she was languishing in jail. Thanking SC for its role in her case, she said that many others are awaiting free trial as well.

“Sometimes I was so disappointed and losing courage I used to wonder whether I was coming out of jail or not, what would happen next, whether I would remain here all my life,” Aasia bibi expressed. 

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