First Shelter Home To Be Built In Lahore Within 60 Days So No One Has To Sleep On Roadside In Winters

As the weather becomes chilling and unforgiving, a lesser fortunate family was spotted in Lahore fighting the extremity of weather, sleeping on side of the road.

The pictures were shared on Twitter by TV presenter and influence Ihtisham ul Haq. The photos showed a man and two kids sleeping on side of Mall Road, with baskets of toys which probably they tirelessly sold the entire day. The touching pictures were shared widely on social media, with people requesting CM Punjab Usman Buzdar to help them.

Acting swiftly, spokesperson of Chief Minister of Punjab Dr Shahbaz Gill retweeted the picture, saying that Buzdar is committed to serving the people. Gill said that CM is on a mission to build 5 shelter homes in Lahore and the first one will be completed within two months. He further added that anyone knowing whereabouts of the family snapped so they can be helped.

People appreciated the step and requested to extend the project to entire Punjab, to which he said that they will be building shelter homes in Rawalpindi, Multan, Bahawalpur and D.G Khan next.

CM Usman Buzdar approved the approval to build five shelter homes for needy passengers in the provincial capital last Friday. He approved the pilot project and said that the first one will be built within 60 days. He added that the shelter homes will help the poor, as they won’t have to sleep under the sky on chilling, winter nights. CM Punjab said that prime agenda of PTI government is to work for the welfare of people.

“Welfare of the general public is an important agenda of PTI government and no stone will be left unturned in this regard. The purpose of building shelter homes is to provide necessary shelter to the poor people visiting Lahore for their health and other needs” – CM Punjab said.

He said after project’s success in Lahore, it will be extended to other cities as well.

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