Dream Of Every Pakistani Gamer Comes True As Arsalan Ash Wins Tekken 7 Championship At EVO Japan 2019

After a breathtaking performance, turning the world’s heads towards Pakistan Arslan_Ash wins the EVO Japan 2019 Tekken 7 championship.  Amazed by this young player’s performance, the Tekken community is absolutely gob-smacked.

”We have been told many times that Tekken monsters lie hidden in West and South Asia, and Arslan tournament gives weight to those words” – wrote Unifiltellken, appreciating Arslan’s efforts.

Taking down player after player, Arslan fought his way up to the Grand final, securing the championship of Pakistan. To secure the top spot, Arslan had to defeat some recognized names in the community like CherrBerryMango, JimmyjayTran, Book, Lowhigh, Chanel, Chikurin & Knee.

The Tekken community applauded the effort of this rising star and said that they had heard that the true champions live in South and West Asia but now they have practically seen it. They also said that there are probably a lot more talented individuals like Arslan, who have the talent and capacity but are unable to travel to these major tournaments.

”How many of them are this good” – is the question being asked now. 

The community also shows hope that with Tekken World Tour 2019 announced, more of the talented Tekken players from this region can be discovered and provided a platform to. PBE|AK  managed to finish in the second place. He managed to have an undefeatable run in the qualifiers all the way till he reached top 8, defeating known players like Kagemaru from Japan and Ulfan from Korea.

Even in the top 8, PBE|AK disqualified USA’s JimmyJayTran 2-1 following an incredible fight. After that, he even managed to clutch out a victory over Korea’s CherryBerryMango, finally putting him in the grand finale against Pakistan’s Arslan.

Globan Tekken community was in shock to see a new Takken Lord unleashing and that too from Pakistan. Here’s a reaction form the expert.

Here’s an international Fan-made highlights of his journey to the glory throughout EVO Japan 2019

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