First Time Ever, Zero Waste Initiative Launched For Banigala

In a bid to educate people on solid waste management, Amal foundation in collaboration with Karim Khan Afridi Welfare Foundation and Islamabad Metropolitan Corporation (IMC) launched Zero waste initiative for Bani Gala.

Talking about the initiative, Adviser to the Prime Minister on Climate Change Malik Amin Aslam said that the zero waste model in Banigala will act as model for such type of programs across the country.

Malik Amin also highlighted the initiatives taken by his ministry for better environment. He said that the ministry of climate change had developed clean city index which consists of 29 indicators. He further added that every city will have to act on the 29 indicators for them to claim their respective share in the provincial budget.

Malik Amin Aslam also added the current government is working hard to tackle the dangers of climate change.

“We need to design policies and implement programmes that work for our residents, and for the environment we depend upon,” Malik Amin Aslam said.

He also highlighted how different governments across the globe have turned their dirtiest cities into one of the cleanest in the world.

Amal Foundation President Mahreen Waseem expressing her thoughts about the initiative said that citizens have an important role to play in making cities around the world clean. She added that the goal of making a city clean is achieved only if the citizens are educated on how to manage solid waste properly. She further added that the trash we throw in streets can become a source of income for people through recycling if used rationally.


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  • Good idea for the solid waste but also need proper Sanitory system in the Banigala

  • Theres no support form the government to clean banigala people pay to van drivers to collect their rubbish n some families can’t afford to pay so government CDA needs to pay attention to this

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