First-ever WhatsApp polio helpline launched by the GoP

The helpline will help people to ask their queries about polio project.


  • First-ever WhatsApp polio helpline launched by the government of Pakistan.
  • People can send a simple message if they have any questions or complaints about the polio campaign: PM’s focal person.
  • WhatsApp number i.e. 0346-7776546 is available for any query related to the polio vaccination.


Pakistan is considered as the exporter of poliovirus with a large number of polio wave among the endemic countries. Lately, 60 cases have been reported so far in 2019.

On Monday, the Focal person of Prime Minister on polio, Babar bin Atta notified the initiation of first-ever WhatsApp helpline. The helpline will help people to ask their queries about polio project, file complaints and report children who miss polio drops in any part of the country.

 “Another First-Ever by Pakistan Polio Programme. 24/7 WhatsApp Polio Helpline. Any question? Missed children? Misconceptions? Complaints? We are at your service with just a simple WhatsApp message. 0346 – 7776546,” he tweeted.

Shortly after the tweet, he tweeted again and requested the public to use the helpline to ask their questions in the form of text rather than calling on it.

Eradication of polio is important

Since 1998, a huge amount of effort and money is invested by the member countries of the World Health Organization to eradicate and wipe polio from this earth.

On the other hand, Pakistan is still struggling to eliminate this deadly infectious disease. This virus may lead to paralysis, limb deformities, breathing problems or even death. People of rural areas do not understand and misinterpret the polio vaccine, insecurity and poor health conditions are the fundamental reasons for the failure of the polio elimination campaign in our country.

The government of Pakistan has taken a good initiative to educate people about this disease and make it easy for them to get any information by launching polio helpline.



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