Meet the first woman from Balochistan to pursue masters in Cancer Biology

Masooma Rajput is pursuing her masters in Heidelberg University Germany.


  • Masooma Rajput is the first woman from Balochistan to do a masters in cancer biology. 
  • She is studying in Germany’s prestigious Heidelberg University, ranked 25th worldwide. 
  • Masooma was also selected for an internship at Harvard University. 

Hailing from the deprived Balochistan, Masooma Rajput is breaking records and stereotypes altogether. Being the first woman from the province to pursue masters in the unconventional field, cancer biology, Masooma has made it evident that hard work and dedication always paves its way through hardships.

The daughter of Quetta was also awarded an internship in cancer research at Harvard University. Currently, she is pursuing Masters in Heidelberg Institute of cancer research Germany. She has completed her Bachelors from Germany with a scholarship awarded.

Masooma’s shinning academic record:


Though coming from a deprived province, Masooma made sure nothing gets in her. To achieve her big and bright dreams, she did not wait for opportunities to come along, but in fact, created them for herself.

Speaking to a news website, she said that when a person is determined to do something, nothing can get in the way of success.

”My academic journey was normal. Not extraordinary. But I was passionate to do something unconventional. I took more subjects in my O and A levels to keep my options open”, she said.

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Sharing her story with the said media source, Masooma told that she did not attend any college for her A levels education and prepared for her exams privately.

”I chose biochemistry in O levels. You are required to choose eight subjects at O levels but I took eighteen and scored A grade in fourteen of them. Likewise, you are required to choose three subjects in A levels but I chose seven and scored A grade in six of them”.

Masooma said that like any other woman in a conservative society like Pakistan’s, she had to meet a lot of criticism as well. She had traveled alone before. The first time she did was when she had to leave Pakistan to pursue her studies. However, her parents and close relatives stood by her in her brave decision.

Cancer Biology: an unconventional field for Pakistan

Cancer biology is different than cancer treatment, Masooma clarified. The field basically details with the fundamental research of what is and isn’t normal. The research in such a field deepens the understanding of cancer and produces insights that could lead to the development of new clinical interventions.

The basic research in cancer biology has created a broad base of knowledge that has been critical to progress against the disease. In fact, it is the gateway to the advanced knowledge and cure of the disease.

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