Fisherman from Indonesia finds baby shark with human-like face

watch the video and photo here.

Baby shark
A baby shark with a human face

A fisherman named Abdullah Nuren in Indonesia has found a baby shark with a “human face.

Speaking to the news outlet, Nuren said, “A pregnant shark was stuck in his trawler when he went from Rote Ndao in North of Wast Australia to go fishing over the weekend.”

He added, “Initially, I found a mother shark caught in my trawler net. The next day I cut the belly of the mother shark and found three pups in her stomach.”

“Two were like the mother, and the one looked like it had a human face.”

The fisherman said he has since preserved the unique-looking baby shark that is now attracting inquisitive locals to his home. Besides, photos and videos of the pup have been circulating widely on the internet.

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  • It was painful to see this. Why he did not let go shark back into the water?? He killed shark and her 3 babies without any reason.

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