From ‘Frog Marriages’ to Banni Festival: 5 bizarre festivals celebrated in India

 Despite their weirdness, these unusual festivals are still celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm.

For an untrained eye, India is a strange land, and Indian festivals are frightening. Crazy mythological stories, seemingly appalling customs and traditions of the country leave us in shock. Despite their weirdness, these unusual festivals are still celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm.

Here are five bizarre festivals in India:

Frog Marriage

Many of you have heard of people marrying trees in India but never heard of frog marriages. The rain god in the Hindu tradition, Barun Devta, is pleased by frog matrimony.

People of a village near the Jorhat district of Assam believe that if wild frogs are married in a traditional Hindu wedding, it will end drought and bring heavy rain within days. The wedding follows all the Hindu marriage rituals and is conducted in a priest’s presence.

Garudan Thookam

People in India can go to any lengths to please their deities, and sometimes these customs can take a bizarre turn. One such tradition is Garuudan Thookam in the Kali temples of Kerela.

The legend goes that Garuda(an eagle) was brought to Kali to satiate her thirst for blood. To please Kali, people perform a ritual dance and then hook their backs and suspend themselves in the air like eagles.

Garbada’s Ekadashi

Garbada is a town in Gujarat, India that is home to a bizarre tradition of letting cows walk over people’s backs. Cows are considered holy in Hinduism. It is believed that letting them trample over you will reduce your problems.

The Aghoris


Aghoris are followers of the Hindu Lord Shiva, often referred to as the God of death. Aghoris live in solitude and involve in a variety of hideous activities. They are known to feast on human meat, drink from skulls, and live among the dead.

The Banni Festival


During the Hindu festival Dusshera the Devaragattu Temple in Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh witnesses crowds of men hitting each other on heads with sticks.

The ceremony starts at midnight and continues till dawn. It is done to pay respect to Lord Mala-Malleshwara for saving them from demons.

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