5 natural disasters wreak havoc across the world: What is happening?

From Europe to China.

Climate change has made the weather around the globe more extreme; therefore, the world has experienced several catastrophes in the second half of 2021. From the Turkey wildfires to China floods, numerous misfortunes are taking place worldwide right now.

Here is a list of the most major natural disasters happening in the world currently:

Europe’s Wildfires

Approximately 133 Wildfire blazes have erupted across Europe; the most devastating ones have hit in Turkey. Tens of thousands of people have been forced out of their homes. It should be noted that the heatwave has fuelled several fires in Greece, Italy, Croatia, and southern parts of Europe, leaving the residents struggling to cope. According to reports, the fires are rapidly expanding due to strong winds and a dry atmosphere.

Brazil’s Rare Snowfall Blankets

A cold spell has brought along snow in several parts of Brazil for the first time in 64 years. More than 40 cities are currently experiencing rare low temperatures, which have threatened the country’s agricultural sector by raising the prices of coffee and sugar. Reports state that this temperature is expected to drop further with possible snowfall in other states.

Northern Italy’s Tennis Ball Size Hail

Towns around Italy’s Lake Como were hit by hailstones the size of tennis balls. These hailstones damaged nearly 100 cars. According to reports, authorities have carried out 60 rescue operations in the region so far. While hailstorms are a common summer feature in the country, the frequency of hailstorms this year has been quite unusual.

South America’s Paraná River Drought

Parana River is the transportation route for 80 percent of the country’s farm exports and a source of drinking water, irrigation, and energy. Due to a prolonged shortage of rainfall in Brazil, the Parana River’s water is at its lowest level since 1944. Argentina’s government has urged citizens to limit water use to alleviate pressure on the river.

Europe and China’s Severe Flooding

The people of China, Germany, and Belgium are currently suffering from severe floods. Hundreds of the residents have lost their lives because of the situation. Reports state that as the atmosphere warms with climate change, rainclouds start to hold more moisture until they break, releasing more rain.

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