[Detailed, Approximate Salary] Here are five highest paying jobs in Pakistan

In our list, we have selected some of the top roles in terms of salary across a variety of different industries.


If you are looking to find the best-paying jobs in Pakistan, you have come to the right place. In our list, we have selected some of the top roles in terms of salary across a variety of different industries.

Here are the five highest paying jobs in the country.

  1. IT professionals

Pakistan is one of the top countries that have highly skilled IT professionals and developers.

IT experts are involved in website design and development, software engineering, e-commerce, and information management on a digital level.

Major online retailers, IT consultancies, cybersecurity agencies, and government defense departments deftly hire IT experts.

Experience in networking, search engine optimization, database administration, technical writing, and web designing helps to gain good jobs in this field.

The advantage of being an IT professional, designer, or developer is that you can earn with Freelancing too, as its demand is high and profitable.

Salary: 30,000 PKR – 500,000 PKR

  1. Digital Marketer

Business owners and investors are moving to Digital marketing from Print and Electronic Media Marketing as it is more affordable.

Digital marketing managers must have expert-level knowledge of e-commerce and the ever-changing digital marketplace.

If you are a Digital Marketer, you can apply for a job in any Digital agency or get many clients and companies online.

Salary: 50,000 PKR – 300,000+ PKR.

  1. Engineering

Engineers in Pakistan earn around 110,000 PKR per month.

Moreover, Salaries range from 60,800 PKR (lowest average) to 146,000 PKR (highest standard, the actual maximum salary is higher).

Top Paying Engineering Fields in Pakistan

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Nuclear Engineering

Salary: 70,000 PKR – 400,000+PKR

  1. Freelancers

Due to unemployment in Pakistan, many people prefer to work online.

Pakistan is earning about $0.5 billion yearly from freelancing and is ranked the 4th most popular country for freelancing.

These are some of the main freelancing jobs:

  • Software Development
  • Web Development
  • Web Designing
  • Graphic Design
  • Technical Writing
  • SEO
  • Business Consultancy
  • Teaching
  • Fine Arts
  • Sports Coaching
  • Curriculum Vitae Writers

Salary: 20,000 PKR – 100,000+ PKR

  1. Teacher or Lecturer

There is still a great scope in the teaching profession all over the world, even in Pakistan. The experience level is an imperative factor in determining salary—naturally, the more years of experience, the higher your wage.

Salary: 30,000 PKR – 200,000 PKR

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  • The range of salary is so wide. I guess it is a good start to try to give an idea about what it could be like with hard work and luck.
    I am surprised that medical doctors and accountants are not included in the top 5!! Everyone wants to be a doctor though!!

    • با دن ٹک ٹوک کی تعداد میں اضافہ ہو رہا ہے.ٹک ٹوک کے انڈیا میں 22ملین صارفین ہیں شروع میں تو ٹک ٹوک پر سب سے زیادہ خواتین تھی. لیکن اب مردوں نے بھی اس میں انا شروع کر دیا ہے.

      ٹک ٹوک کے کام کرنے والے دن میں 15ملین سے زیادہ ویڈیوز اپلوڈ کرتے ہیں. ٹک ٹوک ویڈیوز کو شئر کرنے کی بھی اجازت دیتا ہے. ٹک ٹوک کے ممبر اصل مواد کی کم ہی ویڈیوز اپلوڈ لرتے ہیں.

      ٹک ٹوک ویڈیوز بنانے والے کو ٹک ٹوک ٹوکر کہا کہا جاتا ہے.
      مزید پڑھنے کیلے لنک پر کلک کریں

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