Five sisters set a record of passing the CSS exam

Zoha Malik Sher is among the 372 candidates who passed the CSS final exams.

  • A total of 14,521 candidates appeared in the CSS exam, out of which only 372 passed.
  • “My dream is to serve Pakistan by holding an administrative position.” Zoha Malik


On Thursday, the results of the Central Superior Service (CSS) Examination for 2019 under the Federal Public Service Commission were announced, in which some records were broken. Zoha Malik from Rawalpindi has become the fifth girl in the same family to pass the CSS exam.

A total of 23,234 candidates applied for the CSS exams.14,521 candidates appeared for the exam, out of which only 372 passed the final.

Among the successful candidates is Zoha Malik Sher. Her four elder sisters have already passed the CSS exam and are appointed in various government positions.

The eldest of five sisters, Leila Malik Sher, passed the CSS exam in 2008 and is currently the deputy commissioner of the Board of Revenue in Karachi.

The other sister Sherman Malik Sher passed the CSS in 2010 and is currently the Director of the National Highway Authority of Islamabad.

Similarly, in 2017, Sassi Malik Sher and Marvi Malik Sher took the CSS exam and both passed. Currently, Sassi is undergoing training at Lahore Cantonment, whereas Marvi is the Assistant Commissioner of Abbott Abad.

New Record

On Thursday, their youngest sister, Zoha, also passed the exam and set a new record in Pakistan.

While talking to a source Zoha said, “My dream is to serve Pakistan by holding an administrative position.”

Zoha’s father, Mohammad Rafiq Awan, works in Wapda and hails from the Tarbela town of the Hazara Division in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. He moved to Rawalpindi many years ago due to a job.

All the five sisters attended primary school at Presentation Convent High School Rawalpindi;. Benazir Bhutto also studied from the same school.

Zoha said, “I have learned from my father that it is not difficult to turn your weaknesses into strengths. People sympathized with my father on the birth of five daughters, but today we have proved them wrong. Today, my father has the power because his daughters are in positions of authority and big government positions. Today we sisters represent the whole of Pakistan. ”

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  • Kudos girl. May you lead the way n bring honor n respect to your parents. Stay blessed.

  • Masha Allah five sisters passed the css bahot barri baht hai Allah zindagyu ma barkat de awr mulk pakistan k lya istamal ho inki salaheyata. mgr ma ya bahot tarpa rahi hai
    “Today, my father has the power because his daughters are in positions of authority and big government positions.”

  • Excellent ?? Job done all the five sisters. It’s really proud for us Pakistani. You are the assets of our beloved country. Allah Pak aap sub k liy har jaga aasanian paida karay. Aur dhair sary khushian naseeb karay Aameen summa Aameen.

  • We feel proud all of you 5 sisiters ..
    Allah bless you n your great father..

  • we are proud to their honest and work hard ….. Bundle of cngrts …. And God helps same as above every field of life….. And All pakistanii request you to work cencerily

  • Even if Zaha Malik quits her administrative position she is now minted. Most administrative newbies are looking for a well settled groom ideally outside Pakistan. Then like that famous poster SPREADING…….

  • Zoha malik sher ۔آپ کو بہت بہت مبارک باد ۔اللہ پاک سے دعا ہے کہ اللہ پاک آپ کو ہمیشہ زندگی کے ہر امتحان میں کامیاب کریں ۔ہمارے پاکستان کو آپ جیسی active اور ایماندار آفیسز کی بہت ضرورت ہے ۔اور میں آمید کرتا کہ آپ پاکستان کی ترقی میں اہم کردار ادا کریں گی انشاءاللہ اللہ پاک آپ کی حفاظت فرمائیں آمین

  • Welldone mashallah im from UK and i am very proud of these pakistani girls specially from one family congractulations

  • Girls are equally competent with boys; rather better in many respects. This is another proof. Kudos to their determination and hard work; and more so to their parents.

  • Pahley char nay konsa karnama kardia Pakistan kay lia joo tum karoogi.

    All five pass! What? hmmm something fishy for sure!

    People sympathized with your father, now they will with Pakistan.

    Raja ka beta. Raja nahi banay ga! aabay lay yeah tu Rani banadhi.Lol!!????

  • Wow we’re also five girls in our house and many people in my relatives are worried about our parents that how would you raise these five girls . They think that we girls are burden for our parents. I really wanna change their thoughts . I’m also preparing for CSS exam and In sha Allah I will prove that having girls is not a burden it’s a blessing . I’m proud of you zoha

  • I have also two daughters, but as Zoha says “daughters always become proved for their Father’s, if Father teach them in right way..we salut your Father and i especially proud of u..Good Luck..and be brave

  • ماشاء اللہ اللہ کے ہر کام میں حکمت پوشیدہ ہوتی ہے جسے ہم نقصان دہ سمجھتے ہیں اس میں ہمارے لیئے کتنے فوائد چھپے ہوتے ہیں

  • Proud of u sisters,
    Pakistanis are awaiting for your patience , hard work and for honestly work !

  • May Allah bless the Awan sisters and their parents with good health and long lives to serve Pakistan well with dignity and grace Aameen

  • Mashallah you are proud of pakistan…. Yes we women can do anything they just need a will power and Allah is those who help themselves…

  • خاندان میں پہلا بندہ کچھ گرتے پڑتے کامیاب ہوجاتا پھر وہ اوروں کے اُٹھانے کا ذریعہ بن جاتا ہے ۔ عورتوں کا کردار ہمارے ملک میں نہ ہونے کے برابر ہے ۔ میں انسٹاگرام ہڈکوارٹر ، منلوپارک، کیلیفورنیا میں بس سٹاف پر کھڑا تماشا دیکھ رہا تھا، تقریباً ہر چوتھا ڈرائیور مرد تھا ۔ عورتیں بڑی بڑی ڈبل ڈیکر بسیں چلا رہی تھیں ۔

  • Wonderful achievements, great goals and excellency for the family. You guys rock, hope your family and your community and your country benefit from your intellectualness.

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