Five times Bollywood copied Abrar ul Haq’s songs [Video]

Abrar ul Haq performing during a concert

Bollywood once again kept its tradition of copying Pakistani songs when Abrar ul Haq’s Nach Punjaban featured in Karan Johar’s upcoming movie Jug Jug Jeeyo.

The blatant and pretty poor copy of the iconic song was first noticed by social media users before Abrar ul Haq called out the makers of the upcoming Bollywood film.

The Pakistan singer and politician took to his Twitter account to clarify that he has not sold his song to any Bollywood movie. He also threatened to take legal action.

Following Abrar ul Haq’s tweets and the outcry on social media, T-Series was forced to issue a clarification. In its statement, the music label stated that it has legally acquired the rights to adapt the famous Pakistani bhangra song.

Now, the matter seems to have been settled as Abrar ul Haq has been credited for The Punjaabban Song. His name appears at the bottom of a poster for the song.

However, this isn’t the first time that Bollywood copied a hit song of the Pakistani singer. Filmmakers and singers on other side of the border have copied as many as five songs of Abrar previously.

1. Bheega Bheega Sa was copied by Pritam Da to produce Janam Bhoomi pe.

2. Billo was copied to make Mera Dil Le Gayi Oye Kammo Kidhar.

3. Sonu Nigam sung Assi Teri Gal Karni.

4. Beh Ja Cycle Te was copied as Aaja Tu Baith Ja Cycle pe by Altaf Raja.

5. Kuriyan Lahore dian was copied as Daav Laga.

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