Photo Editor, Playback Control: 5 upcoming WhatsApp features that you should know about!

WhatsApp is regularly updated to cater to its audience's latest likes and dislikes. In this rapid up-gradation, the app owners Introduce a set of new features every few months.

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WhatsApp has become one of the most widely used social apps worldwide. Approximately one billion people around the globe use this app for instant messaging. This continually expanding customer base puts significant responsibility on the parent company’s shoulders to keep the app likable and desirable.

To do that, keeping up with changing user preferences and dynamics is crucial. Therefore, like any other application, WhatsApp is regularly updated to cater to its audience’s latest likes and dislikes. In this rapid up-gradation, the app owners Introduce a set of new features every few months.

Here are five upcoming WhatsApp features you should be aware of:

1. Time limit to delete messages

Currently, WhatsApp allows you to delete messages that are up to 1 hour, 8 minutes, and 16 seconds old. However, now, the parent company is working on further expanding the time limit in which users can delete sent messages. According to sources, the time limit of 7 days and 8 minutes is presently being tested for efficiency.

2. Privacy setting for ‘Last Seen’, profile photo

Currently, WhatsApp provides users three options: show their display picture, Last Seen, and status to “Everyone,” “Nobody,” and “My Contacts.” Reports indicate that WhatsApp owners are now testing a feature that allows users to hide their “Last Seen”, profile photo, and status from specific contacts. The feature is being tested on the beta versions of both Android and iOS. Once authorized, users will see another option that reads: “My Contacts…Except”. Selecting this option will allow users to customize who to hide their last seen status and profile picture from.

3. Photo editor

Currently, WhatsApp provides a basic in-app editing service where users can crop, rotate, or add text to their shared images. Now the app company is working on introducing an advanced level in-app photo editor that will allow users to add stickers and text, crop, and rotate their photos on any WhatsApp screen. Sources state that the editor will initially be introduced for WhatsApp Web only.

4. Sticker maker for WhatsApp

Currently, WhatsApp only allows users to send stickers using pre-loaded or third-party sticker packs. However, a recent report hints that the company may allow iOS and Android users to create their own stickers soon. It is pertinent to mention that the sticker-maker has already been launched for WhatsApp Web, while the same feature for the mobile app is on its way.

5. Playback control for forwarded voice notes

Currently, users can only speed up WhatsApp voice messages by increasing the speed to 2X level. However, now the messaging app company is working on allowing speeding up of forwarded voice notes too. WhatsApp users will soon be able to hear forwarded voice notes at 2X speed level as well.

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