Five Warning Signs That Tell Someone Is Thinking Of Committing Suicide

For years Pakistani’s have turned their deaf ear to mental health and consider it a taboo. Anyone who is found behaving unusually is either repeatedly asked to control it or is taken to the faith healer. This denial has cost us so many lives, we can’t even imagine. But now is the time we talk about it!

Recently the obvious rate of suicide in youngsters have risen many concerns and drawn people’s attention towards the issue.

We don’t recognize it but we actually can play a part in saving lives. Just by paying close attention to how someone is behaving and talking, we can detect the early symptoms of suicidal thoughts and at least play our part in making them feel comfortable or most importantly, validated.

Here are some of these symptoms and behavioral changes:

1) Cutting Off Social Connections:

When one is going through depression, the first thing they will do is avoiding social interactions. You may notice that one of your friends constantly tries to turn your meet up plans down or shows no enthusiasm in doing anything. You should reach out to them and ask them about what is wrong. This odd change in behavior might be a silent cry for help.

2) Unusual Sleep Patterns:

If you are a parent, you must keep a track of the sleeping pattern of your children. Sleeping too less or too much both can be signs of depression or suicidal thoughts. Every once in a while do inquire your children about their activities and how they are feeling. Create an atmosphere of acceptability inside your house, so that they can open up about what they facing before its too late.

3) Social Media Activities:

As absurd as it sounds, but the kind of posts and individual shares on the social media platforms says a lot about what is going through their mind. We are the internet generation and we feel that social media is the only place where we can say whatever we want without the fear of being judged. If you see someone sharing depressing stuff, do reach out to them and ask them if something is wrong. They may not instantly open up and tell you, but they will feel that they are important for someone and sometimes its all one needs!

4) Talking About Dying Or Killing Themselves:

Use of extreme expressions like that is deemed to be just a heated emotion or sign of frustration, but if someone you know says this, again and again, this is a warning sign! Try to talk to them and help them see a brighter picture of life. Try to show them that their problems do have solutions and things will eventually fall back into places.

5) Talking About Being A Burden:

We often are unaware but our words do impact an individual. The way people perceives someone and talks about them, in no time it becomes identical to how individual views themselves. If any of your friends or family repeatedly say that they are a burden, don’t go that unnoticed! Try to make them feel important and validated by telling them their worth and making little efforts.

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