Fiverr Affiliate Program: How To Make Hundreds of Dollars Without Having Any Skill?


Did you know, Fiverr also has an affilIate program? The freelancing service provider platform has millions of users at the moment.

Most of the people think the only way to earn from Fiverr is to have some skill and sell it on the freelancing platform. However, thats not true.

Even if you are someone with no skill at all, you can still make good money from Fiverr through its affilIate program. In this article, we will explain in details about how to earn money without writing articles or providing any other service.

What is Fiverr Affiliate Program?

You can join the Fiverr affiliate program by simply signing up on its website. In your daily social media usage, you must come across people who are trying to get some work done, such as wanting to make a logo for their business or looking for freelance writers.

Well, as a Fiverr affiliate, these are your customers. All you have to do is copy the relevant links of the existing sellers on the platform and suggest it to the person looking for the specific service.

How Do You Earn Money From This?

The freelancing giant only pays its affiliates for the new user first-time purchase only. This means, if a person who isn’t an  already registered user of Fiverr clicks on your affiliate link and make a purchase, only then you will get commission. If the person is an already registered user, you will have no commission.

In simple terms, Fiverr wants you to bring new users to its platform. Despite having millions of active users, there are people who still needs to be introduced to it, which can eventually help you earn hundred of dollars.

How Much Does Fiverr Pays To Its Affiliates ?

Now, the interesting part, how much money fiverr pays to its affiliates. It pays its affiliates based on two plans:

  •  CPA Plan with Fixed Commission
  •  CPA+ Revenue Share plan for 12 months

First, we will explain what is CPA Affiliate commission of Fiverr. The freelancing service provider platform pays a fixed amount for different categories. It means, if someone creates an account on Fiverr using your affiliate link and then buys a specific service, you get paid only 1 time fixed commission.

Below are the categories and the one time fixed commission:

CPA and Rev Share Affiliate commission of Fiverr

Once someone signs up on Fiverr using your affiliate link, you get fixed commission of $10. Later, you will get a 10% commission for a year on the user’s every purchase.

Other Programs Offered By Fiverr

There are a number of other programs offered by the freelancing platform to help you make some bucks, such as Learn from Fiverr and

What is Fiverr Learn Affiliate?

Fiverr isn’t just for selling your services but it also offers a wide range of courses to learn different things from as part of their Learn program. Once someone orders a course, you get 30% of it.

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