How To Make Money On Fiverr Without Any Skill in 2022 (7 Gigs)

Fiverr is one of the most popular online money making platforms in the world. There are millions of people who are offering their services worldwide to earn a handsome amount.

The prominent freelancing platform is filled with people, having different skills. However, if you are someone without any skill, you can still make money from Fiverr.

In this article, we will take a look at the 7 popular gigs that require no skill.

Copy Paste Gigs

Copy Paste gigs are one of the most searched gigs on the internet. Their are hundreds of companies out there who are hiring freelancers to fulfil their copy paste needs. It pays between $5 to $20.

Beta Reader

Do you enjoy reading books? If you do then this skill is perfect for you. Let us explain what beta reading is, If you don’t know already. Its a kind of gig where people pay you to read their work and require your feedback on the given book/topic. There are some clients who don’t necessarily want you to read a book but it can be any piece of writing. Beta reading pays up to $30.

Background Removing From Photos

There was a time when only people with Adobe Photoshop skills could perform such tasks. However, with the advancement in technology, those days are in the distant past. Now, majority of the people can remove background of an image in a matter of seconds. There are still people out there who would want this service. It pays up to $20.

Posting Comments On Blogs

This is another easy gig you can make money from on Fiverr without any skill. All you have to do is post comments on blogs as per the client’s directions. You can make up to 10 dollars but it all depends on the number of comments.

Web Research

Of all the gigs we have mentioned so far, web research is the most difficult one as it requires more time and effort. You will be asked to collect certain information about a company, individual or anything. You can earn up to $30 from it.

Link Sharing

Although, you don’t require any skill for this but you must have a decent number of followers. You will be given links which you have to post on your social media handles such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for your followers to click on them. Link sharing gig pays $5-10.

Data Entry

Data entry is another simple gig which doesn’t require any complicated skills. All you should have is an internet connection and a laptop to input data into spreadsheets and websites. It is one of the most popular gigs on freelancing platforms. Data entry jobs pay well compared to the other gigs in this article. You can earn up to $50.

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