Fixed or not? Wasim and Waqar give their verdict on India & Afghanistan match

Social media users alleged that Muhammad Nabi gave India batting first on purpose.

Virat Kohli and Muhammad Nabi at the tossThe T20I World Cup match between India and Afghanistan has gotten everyone talking on social media. The netizens think that the game was fixed and Afghanistan made it easy for India to win.

Social media users alleged that Muhammad Nabi gave India batting first on purpose. Netizens claimed that Virat Kohli asked the Afghan captain to bowl first after he won the toss.

Former cricketer and analyst David Alex also tweeted: “Clearly can hear “you’ll bowl first” from Kohli to Nabi after toss, and look at Pommie Mbangwa’s Reaction, He is telling Nabi why why why? Cricket is not old cricket anymore.”

What Wasim Akram and Waqar Younis have to say?

The two cricket legends totally disagreed with the netizens.

“I don’t know why we like to create such conspiracy theories? India are a very good team. They just had couple of bad days at the start of the tournament,” said Wasim Akram on a local sports channel.

“It’s a pointless thing to say and people should not give it much attention,” Waqar said.

#WellPaidIndia trends on Twitter

The hashtag #WellPaid India has been trending on social media following the match. Twitter users also shared some memes using the hashtag.

Was the match between India and Afghanistan fixed? Share your views in the comments bar below. 

  • India and Afghanistan both can go to hell and see if we care…
    Surely they both are still going to lose……Ab is mien kia

  • Iam from Pakistan.. nd it is very easy to say that india is 100 times better than Afghanistan… They don’t need any fixing…

  • Wasim & Waqar are looking for their own vested interest in the days to come. They also want to benefit from IPL by siding with these two sides.

  • One can clearly hear Kohli “advising” Nabi to take bowling first,which he did.This amounts to fixing the match.Its upto ICC to investgate & take appropriate action.However,in all fairness, both India & Afghanistan should be disqualified.

    • How do you know it wasn’t a passing comment. Like most of us make ,when we know the obvious.

  • Yes sir, it definately was. This was not sports but politics. After loosing fm pakistan afghan captain resighns and after loosing with india they laugh n celebrate. U can well imagine their hatred towards pakistan.

  • ICC must take action. Or otherwise auction the cup so that Pakistan can get it through China.

  • Fixed or not but one thing for sure: Afghans are the most Namak Haram nation on the planet earth

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