All These Flags Have Meanings You Probably Don’t Know About – Know It Here

A flag of a country represents the ideology, speaking for the nation and what they believe in. It is not mere cloth and ink, it stands for unity, liberty and signifies the fight the resilient nations fought till they reached the point of independence that they enjoy today.
A flag is connected with colors of honesty, dedication, patriotism, and passion. But what exactly do the visual colors signify and what story does the flag of the country tell?
Here is what we can understand by just looking at:

Islamic Republic Of Pakistan:

The beautiful Pakistani flag was designed to send a strong message to anyone who garners at it, that unfortunately, we have forgotten. The green represents the Muslim community while the white shows minorities. The moon and star represent light and progress. The flag shows that there is only one key to progress and that is happily coexisting communities, striving for a collective goal leaving all the differences behind.


The orange/saffron in Indian flag stands for courage and sacrifice. The white represents purity and truth while the green represents faith and growth. The wheel in the heart of the flag stands for virtue and growth.


Dating back to early 1900’s, Australia flag has a lot of meaning to it. The union flag in the corner stands for the history of colonialization. The big 7 pointed star below it represent 6 states and 1 territory. The small stars represent the southern cross constellation, that is visible from all over Australia.


Iceland’s flag amalgamates the natural blessings the country is gifted with. The red shows the volcanoes on the Island, white signifies snow and blue stands for North Atlantic Ocean. Speaking of the religious identity, the cross in the flag represents Christianity.

United States Of America:

The thirteen stripes show the 13 original colonies while the 50 stars stand for the 50 states of the nation. The red shows strength and valor, the blue represents vigilance and justice while the white in the flag represents purity and innocence.


The yellow in the flag represents sandy beaches of 700 Bahamian islands. Light blue is a universal representation of water while the black stands for people of the country and their urge to develop.

South Africa:

The really colorful flag for South Africa stands for ethnic unity and cultural harmony. The black, green and yellow represent country’s black population. Blue, red and white represent white people while the inverted ‘’Y’’ stands for unification.


The blue circle represents the starry sky. The green shows the green fields and forests while the yellow represents the country’s wealth in gold. The starts represent the Federal region with the motto on it, translated as ‘order and progress’.

Via: Young Pakistan

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