Flawed Education System And Societal Standards Take Another Life – MBBS Student Commits Suicide In Narowal

Education helps structure the future of a student, as believed by teachers, parents and others present in the society.
Solely believing that the grades and marks on a standardize test flawlessly define the intelligence of a student, parents and teachers often pressurize their kids to get good grades and if they don’t, they are treated with severe consequences.

Well, the consequences range differently. As long as they’re temporary, they’re forgotten but if you convince a student that their entire life depends upon earning one label with their name to be more successful in society is where it beats the entire purpose of education.

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The second-year student at Sahara Medical College was found dead in her hostel room. Her class fellows and friends reported that the reason that pushed her to take her own life is the severe stress and depression due to the result of her first year supply exam.


As if it wasn’t already pressurizing enough now, the sky-high fees of private medical colleges have further burdened the students making them think that failure is not an option at any cost. Sadly, this is not the first case and regretfully, the way our education system and society’s perspectives are webbed, this will certainly not be the last one either.

With pressure, this also reflects lack of career counselling and unpreparedness of the young lot to face practical challenges. After years of denial, we must pay attention to this aspect as well to save our coming generations from falling into darker pits of depression. Now, we must revisit our teaching and parenting techniques to save their mental health.

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