Social Media user calls out Foodpanda for exploiting its workers, reveals riders are only getting Rs30 per order

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A few days ago, the All Karachi Foodpanda riders association announced a strike from the 11th of March to the 13th of March to protest against bare minimum wages. Riders claim that Foodpanda exploits its workers by taking full services from them and paying very little in return.

A social media user called out the food panda to highlight riders’ problems.

While complaining about the company and how they treat their employees, she said, “I have been asking of food panda riders when they come over to my place: what is their system and how much are they paying you?

She further revealed that riders only receive 30 rupees per order, and overall they make 800 rupees in one day.

The social media user then asked people to boycott Foodpanda to make them realize the pain of poor riders.

Watch the video here:

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Posted by Usman Moin Sheikh on Friday, March 18, 2022

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