For The First Time in History, Peshawar Police Makes The Data of Sex Offenders Public

The Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa police has taken some revolutionary steps during the last 5-6 years under Pakistan Tehreek E Insaf led provincial government.

Now, the KPK police in it’s efforts to put an end to ever growing cases of sexual abuse has decided to make the details of sex offenders public. The details of sex offenders has been uploaded on the official website of the Peshawar police. According to a representative of the KPK police, the details which has been made public includes name, picture and complete address of the person involved in this heinous crime.

As per the available details, the idea came up during meeting of the Peshawar police and all the attendees agreed to that. The Peshawar police expects that other districts across the province will also follow this step of the Peshawar police.

Senior Superintendent Police, Zahoor Babar Afridi while talking to a local media outlet said that although the public’s demand that such individuals should be publicly hanged couldn’t be fulfilled. But at least the KPK police can name and shame them.

“You must have seen these videos where people demand publicly hanging all these people [child molesters] but we can’t do that since the law does not allow, but what we can do is make their details public,” he said.

He further added that once these people are brought into the public’s attention, people will not even share their meal with them.

“Once people come to know about them, they will hopefully socially boycott these criminals and will think twice before even sharing a meal with them,” he added.

Regarding the public response Zahoor Babar Afridi said that the most of the people who came across this news have appreciated this step lf KPK police.

The list just doesn’t stop here with sex offenders but the Peshawar police has also uploaded details of other criminals involved in crimes such as drug peddling, murderz, smuggling and fake currency dealing.

The Peshawar police had recently updated it’s website.


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  • Though I have some concerns about this decision however I think it’s a good step
    Why I have concerns because most of the people are un-educated and illiterate and might be abuse them or their life could be in danger

  • Males who are sexually offended might be genuine but rest assured 99% of 18 plus females would be false. There should be strict punishment for leveling a false claim. Atleast 20 yrs jail even more than the abuser. As false caes have become a norm.

    From Mukhtara mai, Sonia Naz, Sui Capt case to the recent Meesha shafi all were malafide. A few days ago even a Professor of MAO college did suicide because of a false sexual harrasement by female student to blackmail prof for higher marks.

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