Forbes Lists Pakistan As The Best Place For Social Entrepreneurs To Make A Living

Forbes Lists Pakistan As The Best Place For Social Entrepreneurs To Make A Living

Forbes has listed Pakistan as the best places to make a living for social entrepreneurs along with Canada, Australia, and Finland in 2019.

The survey was conducted by Thomas Reuters Foundation and Deutsche Bank’s CSR Made For Good Global. The survey is conducted after every three years. The last time,in 2016, the survey was conducted Pakistan was ranked at 32nd in overall ranking.

Pakistan making a huge improvement in it’s overall ranking jumped to the 14th position from 32nd. The two areas which helped Pakistan improve it’s ranking is women in leadership positions and ease of accessing investment.

Out of the 12 metrics Pakistan failed to keep pace with other countries in government support and access to non-financial assistance.

Pakistan’s Ranking on Each Metric

  • Making a Living – 01
  • Access to Investment – 09
  • Getting Grant Funding – 24
  • Sell to Government – 23
  • Sell to Public – 10
  • Government Support – 33
  • Public Understanding – 08
  • Gaining Momentum – 28
  • Favorable Conditions – 14
  • Non-financial Support – 30
  • Sell to Business – 25

Attracting Skilled Staff – 03

Pakistan, despite having limited government support and being difficult to sell to businesses and government agencies, still commands #1 for earning a living. The nation’s comeback in this category is a remarkable feat given the country was ranked #30 in 2016. The improvement of livable income may be because Pakistan has become a more open market for do-good companies to sell to the general public,” Writes Forbes.

The overall ranking is topped by Canada overthrowing America of the top spot. What is termed as the biggest upset, America’s ranking dropped from #1 to #32 in three years.

Here Are the Overall Rankings

  1. Canada
  2. Australia
  3. France
  4. Belgium
  5. Singapore
  6. Denmark
  7. Netherlands
  8. Finland
  9. Indonesia
  10. Chile


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