Foreign journalists covering Pakistan-Australia series are in love with Pakistani food & culture

The foreign journalists, who are in Pakistan for the historic cricket series, are loving the Pakistani food, culture and the hospitality. Top cricket journalist including Melinda Farrell, Tom Decent and others are part of the foreign press on the tour.

The Pakistani fans have shown them lots of love ever since their arrival. And these journalists have done a great job in repaying the love by giving them regular updates about their day-to-day activities in Pakistan.

Cricket writer Andrew McLean is the most active one on social media among all the journalists. He had the famous Chapli kebab somewhere in Rawalpindi, which according to him was the best meat he ever had.

Furthermore, he went shopping to Raja Bazaar as well, where he bought himself a nice pair of the Kaptaan chappals.

Melinda Farrell upon arriving at the airport shared a picture with a beautiful truck art with ‘Dil Dil Pakistan’ written over it.

Pakistanis cannot stop asking Melinda to sing the famous Junaid Jamshed song with them.

The senior cricket writer also shared a picture of Tom Decent having plate full of chicken.

According to Tom, he has been to 40 countries and Pakistani food ranks among the top three.  “Hospitality has been brilliant,” he added.

Isabelle Westburry is in love with the hat she received from the fellow Pakistani journalists. Here’s what she said:

Furthermore, there was a hilarious moment when a Pakistani journalist asked her if women in Australia also make samosas and pakaros during rain like the Pakistani women. “No, I make the men go and make me tea,” she replied.

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  • Pakistan hospitality is legendary and genuine. I’m glad these lovely journalists have seen that now. Pakistan zindabas

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