Foreign YouTuber Cuts His Visit To Pakistan Short As Being Constantly Followed By Intelligence Agencies Made Him ‘Uncomfortable’

Rejecting stigmatization and in an effort to promote harmony among different segments of this pluralistic-in-nature world, many vloggers and YouTube stars visited Pakistan. Every one of them defied the profiling western media had been doing and preached the positive side of the country.

One of them is famous New Zealand’s YouTuber and travel vlogger Karl Rock. Karl defines himself as an expat currently located in New Delhi, India. He is passionate about Indian culture and has travelled the neighbouring countries as well.

His goal is to visit 36 states and union territories in India presently and before partition. So far, he has completed 28 out of 36 states, Bangladesh and Pakistan. Karl is also the pioneer of famous India’s Survival Blog, where he shares his experience, how to cope up with the culture shock, best places to visit and staying safe there.

However, his experience in Pakistan wasn’t as pleasant as he expected it to be. Rock entered Pakistan through Wagah Border a month back and planned to visit Peshawar, Islamabad and Lahore. He is familiar with Hindi hence he faced no problems to conversate with the locals here but scrutiny of the intelligence agencies made him uncomfortable.

In his video, he shared that when he arrived in Peshawar, secret services of Pakistan got mobilized and they kept following him. He said that upon entering Peshawar, he explained to the security official the intention of his visit and told him he is going to meet his friend in Peshawar.

“My friend was also told not to take me along to the Khyber Pass or the famous gun market in Peshawar’’ – claimed Karl.

Karl said that there is nothing wrong with the inspection due to the nature of his tour, however being constantly under surveillance. He stated that his Peshawar-based friend also received suspicious calls. Here is the said video:

Due to this, he cut his visit short and left. He also said that the people here were friendly but due to his experience with constantly being followed and monitored, he will be returning any time soon.

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