Former BOL Employees Speak Against The Channel For Stealing Their Cars

In Pakistan, there is no exact synonym of controversy than BOL. Soon after the Axact scandal broke, the name has found itself in the middle of hot fire every now and then.

Last week BBC’s report about how Axact is still going strong and is actually running a well-organized and planned ‘business’ of fake degrees, despite being publically shamed for it in the past. The scandal exposes how the company has equated education with zero and doesn’t really bother with the thousands of the careers they are playing with.

BOL channel was previously criticized by Aamir Liaquat for owing him money and was later brutally reacted to by the public for falsely blaming Jibran Nasir for blasphemy, but now is again on the receiving end of criticism as a former employee of the channel has spoken up against them.

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Former News Achor at BOL,  Huma Amir Shah tweeted that BOL stole her car which was given to her in as collateral for lacs of rupees of her salary and opportunity lost.

In response to her Tweet, another employee also told her similar experience. Benish Waqas Ahmad responded saying that her car was stolen as well, even with her daughter’s notes in it. She said that they never got her things back and the authorities never responded to her as well. She went on saying that BOL is the ‘worst’ organization to work with and they are still awaiting salaries.

The manipulation of individuals by the organization on all levels and in all capacities is truly unfortunate.  It’s awful how they surprise by hitting a new low every time.

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