Former Diplomat Abdul Basit’s Blunt Letter To Pakistan’s Ambassador In US Is Authentic, Confirm Embassy Sources In Washington

Just when the relations between US and Pakistan were already a hot topic globally post Tump’s address, another controversy arose when the letter of former diplomat Abdul Basit leaked on social media.
President Trump in his address on August 21 blamed Pakistan for harboring terrorists. After criticizing Pakistan’s role in Afghanistan, the relationship ties between both countries were already under discussion.

In the middle of all the situation, a letter that Abdul Basit wrote to Pakistan’s Ambassador to US Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhary.

In this letter, Basit criticized Aizaz’s role in Washington. He also harshly mentioned his failures as a diplomat and Pakistan’s representative in Washington.
The letter was written in a very rude tone, even mentioning Aizaz as the ‘’Worst Foreign Secretay Ever’’.
He also highlighted the shortcomings, saying that Modi’s and Sharif’s joint statements in Ufa, and then losing election bid for UN Human Rights Council back in 2015 is enough to reflect that Aizaz is incapable to fulfill the responsibilities. He further called him a misfit for a delicate profession as diplomacy.

There has been a mixed reaction after this letter caused a social media frenzy. Few people are appreciating Basit’s role and his courage.


However, there are senior diplomats who strongly believe that this letter will further worsen the situation for Pakistan, which is already in hot water after Trump’s allegations.
According to them, this letter will not help to promote Pakistan’s cause and will further create problems.

The entire situation well reflects that all is not well at the foreign embassy.
There were speculations related to the authenticity of this letter that is now clarified. Senior Office, as well as the Embassy Resources in Washington, have confirmed that this letter is genuine. They said that despite its authenticity, the allegations are baseless.

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