Here’s what you need to know about four new mega projects approved for Rawalpindi

A presentation for the ring road would be prepared shortly, as per the reports.

RAWALPINDI: It has been recently making the rounds that apart from making efforts to beautify the city, the divisional administration would also be working on controlling the pollution, traffic, and water shortage.

Capt Muhammad Mahmood, a retired commissioner, discussed his plans for the monetary year, 2019-2020. He said that four new projects had been approved for Rawalpindi, including Green City, Daducha Dam, Leh Expressway, and Ring Road.

While addressing the press, he stated that the government currently wants to work on the development of Rawalpindi. He said,

“Daducha Dam project will provide the facility of clean drinking water to more than one million people in the city.”

He further added,

“Work on PC-I of Daducha Dam is in progress, and the small dams organization has been asked to complete PC-I and land acquisition by the end of March.”

Additional, Capt Mahmood addresses the water supply issues. He said that they’ve come to terms with launching Daducha Dam as it will become the water source for more than 45 union councils.

Tree plantations:

It has been decided that a 100,000 trees’ campaign would be run across the city. Other than that, six ft. tall saplings would be chalked around all the streets and main roads, especially the airport road, Murree road, and roads close to the Raja market.

Capt Muhammad Mahmood said, “We have made a plan to develop greenbelts along all footpaths and plant grown-up trees. The plantation will be launched in the spring season and will be visible within two to three months.”

Ring road:

A presentation for the ring road would be prepared shortly, as per the reports.

Following the project, Capt Mahmood has stated, “Concerned authorities have been asked to establish a project management unit to speed up work. An initial plan of the project has been made, and it will be finalized in March.”

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