Woman sends upsetting voice notes to family before committing suicide over ‘blackmailing’

Reports state that the deceased woman, Sobia received threats from the four men who lived in her neighborhood.

Four men push a woman to commit suicide.

Recently, the Karachi police filed a case against four men who drove a woman to commit suicide. According to a media outlet, the men were blackmailing the married woman with a fake marriage video.

The case registered upon the complaint of the victim’s family includes murder, amongst other charges. They asserted that the 41-year-old wife and mother were pushed to commit suicide after suffering blackmail at the hands of these men for days.

Details of the Blackmailing

Reports state that the deceased woman, Sobia received threats from the four men who lived in her neighborhood. They had made a video of her fake marriage and blackmailed her using that.

Shahrah-e-Noorjehan police said:

The victim ended her life by hanging herself from the ceiling fan with her dupatta.

The harrowing incident of four men blackmailing a woman.

Distressed Voice Notes

Before attempting the suicide, Sobia shared voice notes detailing the harassment, blackmailing, and threats with her family. Sharing her harrowing ordeal, she said:

I am being harassed by the boys in the neighborhood, and my phone number was also leaked. People are calling and threatening me to meet; I have been threatened to visit them.

Sobia’s voice notes detail that the men were forcing her to visit them for ill-intended favors. These men even threatened her children’s safety. Talking about the video, Sobia stated:

Some boys scammed me and made my fake marriage video as well as compromised videos. Later they posted them on the internet. I cannot see my children being murdered.

According to the voice notes, the victim was scammed into a forged nikkah. The men threatened to leak her compromised videos.

The woman commits suicide after sending voice notes to her family.

Police Investigation

According to a media outlet, the case was registered by Sobia’s husband against Waqas, Farhan, Irtaza, and Shahid. Following an investigation into the matter, the four men were arrested.

The District Central Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP), Malik Murtaza, confirmed the arrests and said:

Farhan and Waqas were the prime suspects.

Further investigations led the police to identify two more suspects’ involvement in the case, i.e., Amir and Shehzad.  Police booked the accused under Section 322 (Qatl-bis-sabab) and 34 (common intention) of the Pakistan Penal Code.

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  • More stringent and extensive penal punishments for fake and forged contents. An effective awareness drive for the masses not to scumb in such situation rather file a complaint with FIA Cyber Secirity Cell. These ppl are well equipped and knowledgable and know how to handle the accused and the privacy of the affected. Further they are helpful as well in general.

  • They should be made prime example so next time people scared of such action. Their ugly faces should be shown to Media as well

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