Worried about data hacking? Follow these 4 steps to safeguard your WhatsApp chats

The messaging platform also revealed that a WhatsApp user has full control over who can add them to groups.

WhatsApp helps people secure their chats.

On #SaferInternetDay, WhatsApp renewed its commitment to users to protect their privacy. 

The messaging platform took to Twitter on Tuesday to educate people on ways they can safeguard their chats. The online messaging app explained four ways users can keep their chats ‘safe, secure and private’.

Here are four ways you can safeguard your WhatsApp chats:

Turn on Two-step verification

WhatsApp stated:

The first measure a user must take is to enable two-step verification, an optional feature to add a PIN to your account to keep it super duper secure. 

Sharing a step-by-step video explaining how users can enable the feature, WhatsApp said:

The second step, after adding a PIN, is to input a recovery email address in case the PIN needs to be reset.

Control who adds you to groups

The messaging platform also revealed that a WhatsApp user has full control over who can add them to groups. Individuals can access their group privacy settings and choose from the following options to allow others to add you in groups accordingly:

  • Everyone
  • Contacts only
  • Specific contacts

Report spam messages

According to WhatsApp, individuals should look out for messages that look “spammy” or “suspicious”. The platform stated:

If you are being bombarded with messages from someone not on your contacts list, you can report it instantly. The option appears when you open the chat window. You can simply select the report option with the downvote button.

Should you trust the WhatsApp privacy policy?

Set personal profile privacy

As per the message sharing platform, you can customize who views your personal information. Users can customize viewing permissions for their profile picture, last seen, and about info by selecting one of the following three options:

  • Everyone 
  • Contacts
  • No one

Lastly, WhatsApp reminded people of its privacy policy and highlighted that all user chats are entirely private. Sharing that no one can see user’s private conversations, not even the platform itself, WhatsApp stated:

No one can read your messages!

For more details on WhatsApp privacy, click here.

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