Four-year-old loses life after falling into water bore, Will the Local Government take any responsibility?

Child was rescued after the four-hour struggle and was rushed to hospital where he was pronounced dead by doctors

  • A four-year-old boy from Talagang lost his life on Tuesday by falling into a deep-water bore in his county yard.
  • Local government needs to address these basic issues as they are costing people their lives.


On Tuesday, Qasim Abbas a four-year boy was killed after he fell into a water bore in Talagang. Rescue 1122 team told the source.

Qasim was leaving for the tuition on the evening of Tuesday and suddenly fell into the bore that was present in his country yard. He was leveled into the bore that was 220 feet deep.

According to the spokesperson for rescue 1122, “The child fell along with his bag and stuck in the bore after falling 12 feet down”.

The spokesperson further said that the child was rescued after the four-hour struggle. After that, he was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead by doctors.

Negligence of Elected Representatives

This is highly irresponsible behavior of a local government that there is no safety for the citizens. They are losing their lives over the mismanagement and poor performance of the elected MNAs and MPAs.

There is no proper system to monitor these issues at a very basic level. Furthermore, exposed electric wires and open water bores are the problems that are not even considered as problems by the concerned authorities.

Furthermore, many people all-around Pakistan are getting affected by the negligence of elected representatives of their areas.

Chaudhry Salik Hussain the elected MNA of the Talagang district should be held accountable for the incident. If people are going to lose their lives over the misgovern acts of these incapable government representatives than what is the point to vote and get them elected.

The representatives of the government are not going to get away every time. Thus, they are only one to be blamed for all those loses, most importantly loss of human lives.

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  • the contractor should be held responsible for this. He is the one who is supposed to secure the work site.

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