Four Years Later: Was Dr. Shahid Masood Right In Calling Reham Khan A ‘Honey Trap’?

Reham Khan’s upcoming book has stirred a controversial political storm just ahead of elections. What she claims as a book centred on her experiences as a ‘mother, wife, journalist and a warrior’. She says that the book is not intended on affecting the outcomes of the general elections. Reham also rejected the claims that Khan’s political rivals are bankrolling her book.

Despite her claims, the content of book specifically maligning Imran Khan’s character and defaming his companions have raised eyebrows on the contradiction.
The book’s former co-writer journalist Mubeen Rasheed also verified that the book is idiosyncratic in nature that is objected at character assassinating Imran Khan and affecting the elections. He also shared that Reham told him herself that she has the sensitive shareable details because she stole Imran Khan’s blackberry cell phone.
Mubeen said that he was absolutely shocked when he heard her claiming that and upon recognizing the real intention behind the book, he declined working with Reham.

PTI leader Salman Ahmed also came forward with his claims after Reham Khan – Hamza Ali Abbasi frenzy. Salman said that Reham reached out to him and used him as a stepping ladder to reach to Khan. He said that she offered him help with respect to his campaign against polio. Salman accused that Reham later requested him to get 5 minutes with Khan for an interview. Not just that, she also contacted him after divorce to assist her in defaming Khan.

Though the details might come as a surprise to most of the people, one man was not oblivious to it since day one. Dr Shahid Masood called Imran-Reham marriage as ‘honey trap’ from the beginning.

He claimed that former BBC weather girl’s sudden affiliation with PTV was doubtful. Moreover, he also called the marriage synonymous to famed movie Samson and Delilah: that celebrated Samson as an epitome of physical strength who declined later and become a captive of the Philistines when he yielded ‘secret’ to his physical strength to Delilah. He also claimed that Khan was warned by agencies regarding Reham.

Dr Shahid Masood’s opinions on the marriage did cost him his friendship with Khan, however, four years later – his story is verified with the launch of this book.
Not only is the content of the book objectionable on moral grounds, the objectives now appear to be somewhat clear.

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