List of countries offering FREE EDUCATION for Pakistani students 2021 [NO TUTION FEE]

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Heading: Free Education

Almost everyone believes that quality education doesn’t come cheap. However, this isn’t true for every country. While studying in the US and UK might be expensive, some countries offer free quality education for Pakistani students.

Here are five countries in Europe that offer quality education with little to no tuition fees for  to Pakistani students:

1. Germany

Heading: Study in Germany

This one needs no introduction. Germany tops the list of the Western European countries offering quality education to Pakistani students traveling abroad for their studies. Even though the official language is German, the major programs are taught in English.

The country has a strong economy, and according to  as per the research, every two people in three easily get a job. This means you not only get to study in prestigious universities, but the chances of scoring a good job are immense too. The country offers the ever-popular DAAD scholarship, which covers all the tuition fees. Some famous universities are:

  • the University of Freiberg
  • the University of Berlin
  • the Technical University of Munich

2. Norway

Heading: Study in Norway

Norwegian universities provide education in both English and Norwegian. It is one of the countries where you can study and work at the same time. While the fees can be waived off, the rest of the expenses can be covered by a blue-collar or a part-time job. There is no language barrier here, as almost 70% of the country speaks English, unlike some countries in Europe. Some of the famous universities are:

  • the University of Nordland
  • the Norwegian University of Science and Technology
  • the University of Bergen

3. Slovenia

Heading: MBBS in Slovenia

Slovenia might not be the most popular among this lot, but it has an excellent education system. Though the official language is Slovenian and is widely spoken around the country, instruction is majorly English.

This country is the best choice if you want free education and the cheap cost of living. You can apply for college-level education too. The FELU MBA Scholarship at the University of Ljubljana is one of the most popular scholarships. Some of the best universities include:

  • the University of Primorska
  • Maribor University 

4. Sweden

Heading: Study in Sweden

Sweden is widely popular among Pakistani students in terms of free education. English there is extremely common, and universities offer education in it majorly. Though education isn’t entirely free, the cost to be paid is cheap and affordable.

Moreover, there are many chances to get scholarships as well. Sweden is also famous for easy jobs alongside education, so the expenses can easily be covered. The most famous universities include:

  • Jonkoping University
  • the University of Gothenburg
  • Dalarna University

5. Finland

Heading: Study in Finland

Finland is not only beautiful but offers free education in the English language too. Before 2017, education was free for all, but now a little albeit affordable fee is required to be paid by all. However, various scholarships are available for students. Some famous universities are:

  • the University of Helsinki
  • Aalto University
  • Tampere University
  • the University of Eastern Finland
  • the University of Turku
  • the University of Oulu

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  • WHy are you stunned by the language of isntruction at these universities? WHy should they offer education in english? Is english their mother tongue? they have absolutely NO OBLIGATION to offer english education, If you enroll in germany then classes should be in GERMAN….in slovenia the classes should be in slovenian not in english…same for sweden and norway and finland. TYpical engrez ka ghulam

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