#FreeJunaidHafeez: Social Media Users Voice Support to ‘Convicted’ Lecturer

After spending five years in solitary confinement, academic Junaid Hafeez has been sentenced to death for blasphemy by a local court in Multan.

Junaid Hafeez was serving as a lecturer at Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan when he was taken into custody back in 2013 for allegedly posting blasphemous content online. He had studied American literature, photography and theatre at the Jackson State University, Mississippi.

After struggling to find a lawyer for himself to represent him, his first lawyer Rashid Rehman was gunned down after agreeing to represent him. Junaid Hafeez conviction has caused an outrage on social media. Users on world’s biggest micro-blogging site, Twitter, voiced their support to the lecturer with the hashtag #FreeJunaidHafeez.

Here’s How Twitter Reacted:

Defence lawyer expressing his disappointment over the verdict said that there can’t be a fair trial in blasphemy cases in Pakistan. Mr. Hafeez isn’t the only Pakistani being accused and convicted for blasphemy.

Before him, Asia Bibi had also spent eight years on death row after being wrongfully accused of blasphemy. She was acquitted in January this year.

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  • Court ne usey saza dee hey to iska mtlab hey k jurm sabit hoa hey.
    Aik gustakh e rasool se yoon hmdardi, kia koi Musalman kr skta hey?

  • Jo court Asia ko riha krde wo faisla sahi hai, pr jb saza dede tou court ghlt hai wah munafiqo

  • People are giving their verdicts without knowing anything about the case. This is the problem of masses that they react to any news or Headline on media without going into the details which is often different than headline.

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