French newspaper is all praise for made in Pakistan Facemasks

“Everyone saw the words ‘Made in Pakistan’ on the labels,” reported leading French newspaper Ouest France.


The French Newspaper and media have applauded the quality reusable face masks, bearing the tag of ‘Made in Pakistan.’

In an official tweet, the Federal Minister for Science and Technology, Fawad Chaudhry, shared the news saying, “French Newspaper is all praise for made in Pakistan masks. The country has already received 100 M USD export orders of PPEs, and we expect this figure to cross 500 M USD in the coming months.”

After the spread of coronavirus in France, the demand for the face masks and other protective equipment increased. The French firms were unable to meet the demand in time.

To meet the requirements, a company in Rezé and another in Montluçon that specializes in professional clothing consulted manufacturers in Pakistan.

“Everyone saw the words ‘Made in Pakistan’ on the labels,” reported leading French newspaper Ouest France.

The paper reported that the masks had arrived in residents’ mailboxes, and were wrapped in beautiful plastic bags.

A total of 280,000 masks were distributed among the citizens.

The French daily said although the local authorities turned to French companies, the orders exceeded the production capacities of French suppliers, so they subcontracted the orders to Pakistan.

Pakistan’s timely response to cater to the French residents’ demand for face masks was widely appreciated by the health authorities and local media.

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  • jahalat hay or kuch nahi !!

    koi bolta kuch hay , samajhtay kuch hain log. Read the articles in the French press, including the article that Fawwad Choudary shared. Nobody is praising Pakistan, they are questioning the fact that the local govt chose French companies for supplying the Masks because they are known for good quality, and people are noticing made in Pakistan label on the masks that are delivered, and are questioning the quality of the mask!

    JEEZ! tum logon ko kia parhna bhi sikhana parhay ga !!

  • Someone reply to Fawad Ch to google translate the article …

    There is no praise …

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