French President Emmanuel Macron says Islam is ‘in crisis all over the world today’ [VIDEO]

Macron said Islam was in crisis and trouble due to "an extreme hardening" of positions.

French President Macron delivers his speech in Les Mureaux, France, about the strategy to fight “Islamic separatism.” (Reuters)

French President Emmanuel Macron, branded Islam on Friday as “a religion in crisis worldwide today,” as he made a high-profile address on battling Islamic “radicalism” in France.

Macron said Islam was in crisis and trouble due to “an extreme hardening” of positions.


He announced the authorities would present a draft law this year to strengthen secularism in France against what Macron expressed as “Islamist separatism” in the state.

“Islam is a religion that is in a big crisis worldwide today; we do not just see this in our country,” he said.

The president said the authorities would present a bill in December to strengthen a 1905 law that formally separated church and state, also known as laïcité, in France.


Macron said the measures aimed to address the problem of growing ‘Islamic radicalization’ in France and improving “our ability to live with each other.”

“Secularism is the cement of a united France,” he pressed but added that there was no sense in stigmatizing all Muslim believers.

Macron said the law allows people to belong to any faith of their choosing. Yet, outward displays of religious affiliation can under no circumstances be allowed in schools or the public service.

‘Liberate’ Islam

The Niqab has been banned in France since 2011. In this photo, French policemen block Lies Hebbadj from entering the court of justice in Nantes because she refused to remove the veil. (Frank Perry/Getty Images)

Macron declared that France would seek to “liberate” Islam in France from foreign influences by improving mosques’ financing oversight.

There would also be a closer survey of schools and associations exclusively serving religious communities.

Reprinting the Charlie Hebdo cartoons is not about free speech | France | Al Jazeera

The president spoke one week after a man wounded two people in a meat cleaver attack outside the erstwhile offices of the Charlie Hebdo satirical weekly, which was criticized by the government as an act of “Islamist terrorism.”

Staff at Charlie Hebdo were killed in January 2015 by al-Qaeda-linked militants seeking to avenge its publication of caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.

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  • What he is saying is largely true. Extremism and intolerance has greatly tarnished the image of Islam every where. Secularism, where the state and religion are separated is the way to curb extremism and promote tolerant co-existence.

    • Idiotic thoughts. Islam is no where extreme at all. just to create hype against Islam they always talk shit.. what about other religions’ extremism whose books n preaching actually teach them to kill and exploite the existance of musmlims ..
      #see Palestinians
      # syrian
      Or Rohangiyan’s Muslim situation

  • French are intolerant racist. I have lived almost 30 years among them. Ridiculing Islam and Muslims under the the cover of free speech is fashion in France and Quebec.

  • what a joke…the secular extremist countries and afraid of justice system of Islam…1st the capture muslims areas by force then incur atrocities on Muslims when they react for their freedom …its new terminology now…”Islamic separatisms…” no ..Mr. President…there is nothing like Islamic separatism or islamic terrorism (correct your knowledge and approach)…its only that freedom that muslims are fighting for…The problem of todays so called leadership is that..they are no leaders any more…they are just insecure politicians …that divide people and make one afraid or hate another…just to secure their rule…secularism is failed, capitalism is failed, socialism is failed…muslims are also failed (bcz of their corruption and illiteracy) but you all know that Islam has a “just” and genuine system…that make every corrupt and fascist afraid bcz now politicians secure the interests of wealthy not the public…

  • French President has certain agenda against Islam and Muslims he often make statements which are out of context and not true he should acknowledge this that Islam is fast growing religion in the world specially in country like France Germany where chruch has lost relevance in last 100 year so its not Islam in danger its the Christian faith which is vanishing from the Christian Europe

  • I just want to advise you that please avoid blasphemy. More than 1 billion Muslims hurted due to blasphemy. If you think you are free in expressing yourself and freedom of extensions there are a lot of things in this world to express just avoid this one thing and you know what I am talking about just never mein cartoons and this will never will happen again.

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