Frieha Altaf Took Pictures Of People At Airport And Posted Them With ”Offensive” Captions

The word fashion literally has a different definition for everyone. For celebrities and big names of the industry, it usually defines for staying up-to-date with recent trends as they have to maintain an image and impression. But the general public, of course, is mostly in the get-up that makes them most comfortable and at ease, rather than being paparazzi-ready always.
Having an influence comes with a great responsibility. Especially it should be made sure that with the impact they carry, they are not belittling anyone and judging them by the fashion choices they have in particular as they can vary from person to person.

Frieha Altaf’s snaps of random people at the airport with judgemental and more than that, quite offensive captions is just wrong at so many levels. Photographing people without their consent, then uploading the pictures on public social media forums and that too with really disrespectful comments is a condemnable behavior.
She shared a few pictures of people of the airport with captions like ‘don’t wear that’ and ‘airport dressing’

Source: Parhlo

She was condemned by this hypocritical behavior by people all across social media.

Ironically enough, Frieha tweeted later talking about child sexual abuse, completely choosing to address the issue and reaction she was getting.

Previously, Hania Aamir faced an intense social media backlash for trying to photograph a person who was constantly trying to stay out of her picture and laughed on him, it is appalling how the message was still unheard.

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People’s reaction in Hania’s case sent a clear statement that no matter the magnitude of the influence you have or a bigger celebrity you are, it is simply unacceptable to be intrusive of someone’s privacy and use your following to get its approval.
Respecting boundaries is important and right of everyone regardless of if they are a celebrity or not.

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