Dr. Simon Hercules – Indian Christian COVID-19 hero’s funeral attacked by a mob

One of Hercules’ friends, Dr. Pradeep had quietly buried him in the early hours of Monday without any family members present.

Dr. Simon Hercules, who treated patients for COVID-19 in the southern Indian city of Chennai, lost his life after contracting the disease himself. But rather than appreciating him and honoring him for his brave sacrifice, his funeral was violently interrupted by a mob.

At least 20 people have been arrested for violently preventing the burial. Friends and family of Dr. Simon Hercules were attacked with sticks and rods when they took his body to a graveyard in Chennai on Sunday night.

One of Hercules’ friends, Dr. Pradeep was left with no other choice rather than quietly bury him in the early hours of Monday without any family members present.

Speaking to media, Pradeep said, “Dr. Simon Hercules didn’t deserve this end. He was not shown even basic humanity. Even his wife and son could not be there to say goodbye.”

According to the police, the people who lived near the burial ground were concerned that burying COVID-19 patients in the vicinity would spread the infection.

Pradeep further added that Hercules continued to serve during the pandemic instead of staying at home, and he most likely contracted the virus from one of his patients.

The State Health Minister of Tamil Nadu, C Vijayabaskar, condemned the incident and said, “What happened to the doctor is condemnable. Such things should not happen in the future.”

Burial Instructions:

Experts have said that people need to be more aware of the burial instructions for COVID-19 patients.

According to the federal health ministry guidelines, burying the bodies of the coronavirus patients is safe if all preventive measures are followed.

The precautions include guidelines for how bodies should be handled and buried. It also outlines what kind of procedures can be carried out.

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