‘Friendship ended with ARY’: Twitter reacts to ISPR & Geo’s joint production

Team Muhafiz is a joint production of Geo and ISPR

Geo TV has dropped the teaser of its upcoming project Team Muhafiz, a joint production of the media house and the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR).

It has left the netizens speculating as there are still no details available whether it will be a drama serial, short film or a documentary. ‘Team Muhafiz’ has been confirmed as a joint production of Geo and ISPR.

The 20 seconds long teaser posted on Geo’s social media and YouTube channels didn’t reveal any information about this project. There are speculations that it will be a drama. However, there is still no confirmation about it.

The news of ISPR and Geo collaboration has surprised many social media users. It is pertinent to mention that before this, Pakistan army’s media wing often collaborated with ARY. The ongoing hit drama serial Sinf e Aahan is also a joint production of ARY and ISPR.

Reacting to Geo News’ tweet, a social media user wrote: “Friendship ended with ARY, now GEO is my best friend.

Journalist Cyril Almeida wrote: “Geo upgrades itself from PTV 2 to the new ARY.”

Here’s what others have to say:

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  • GEO and ISPR are one again. It can happen only if the army Chief is a Qaidani and rest of generals are impotent

  • خرد کا نام جنوں پڑ گیا جنوں کا خرد
    جو چاہے آپ کا حسن کرشمہ ساز کرے

  • Geo wale tou kabhi teek nai honge, aur ab wardi wale aur bhi beghrt aur watan farosh ghaddar hogaye. Lanat hun en saab par

  • in politics there are no permanent enimies.u have to be ready to collborate with your opponents in times of need.so smart thing by ispr.niazi should get a lesson from this.

  • Perfect timings. Standing ovation
    They were off to bad start.. now they are trying again… let see how long this bromance lasts.

  • Army has no concern whatsoever with business, army is not a business entity, Army is not a political entity, Army is not a gaming entity, Army should not be a ruling entity and Army is not an individual or organ of state, Army is defense institute and beside 3.5 times more budget than all other government sectors Army is doing business with defense land by converting it into commercial purposes. (Copied)

  • Not a good move by ISPR.. Geo being considered as pro india and anti Pakistan channel so ISPR must have shown some restraint.

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