From racing with an athlete to ‘Naagin’ dance: These Aamir Liaquat memes will make your day!

Being the center of multiple debates, Liaquat yet again makes his way to the spotlight.

The Pakistani politician and religious scholar Aamir Liaquat has earned quite a reputation for his eccentric mix of stunts, which are often followed by controversies and scandals.

Being the center of multiple debates, Liaquat yet again makes his way to the spotlight as he hilariously grooves to the beat of “Nagin” on his show “Jeeway Pakistan.”

Previously, his video of falling while racing with the athlete, Naseem Hameed, went viral, but now his dance video has put the Internet into a frenzy.

Earlier, Aamir invited Naseem Hameed on his Ramadan show, “Pyara Ramzan.” The host challenged Hameed, who had won a gold medal at the South Asian Federation Games in 2010 for a 20-meter race on stage. In an unexpected turn of events, the race did not end well, and Liaquat took a slight fall on the floor.

Stealing ratings through his entertaining Ramadan show, netizens are divided over his videos doing rounds on the web.

While some are welcoming the comic relief, others find his action bizarre, considering he is currently hosting a Ramadan show.

Meanwhile, some people find it an opportunity to make memes


Aamir Liaquat

Aamir Liaquat


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  • Please stop posting this trash . No one wants to see this nonsense … what an insult to think that this is what Pakistani entertainment is . What a disgusting show … and what a disgusting man .It is pathetic to think that this is what we think as good entertainment . All I can think is his ex wife is lucky to get rid of this low life . He is vomit !!!

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